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We are always happy to answer questions you have about the Accounting MOVE Project. Below are some of the ones we get asked most frequently. If you have others, or simply want more clarification, contact us to set up a call. 

2023 MOVE Key Dates

March 22: 

May 10: 

June 13-16 @9 am each day: 

June – mid-August: 

July 15: 

October 15: 

October 25-27: 

Ask Me Anything webinar.

MOVE Project survey opens.

MOVE Virtual Mini-Summit.

Firm interviews take place.

MOVE Project survey submission deadline.

Best Firms for Women & Best Firms for Equity Leadership winners confidentially notified.

MOVE Project 2023 report and both lists announced at the Accounting & Financial Women Annual Women Who Count conference.

We collect qualitative data based on the MOVE factors listed on the Home page, as well as quantitative data based on employer demographics, including:

  • How many women and women of color are employed at your firm?
  • How many women and women of color hold key positions, from entry level to partners? This includes operations positions that provide experience essential for promotion to senior levels. 

To win, a firm must have BOTH a proportionate number of women at most or all levels of management AND proven success with the MOVE factors. An employer cannot win by having a rich array of programs but few women in leadership. We believe that if an employer’s MOVE factors are effective, it will have a healthy and growing proportion of women in its leadership pipeline.

We interview leaders from every participating firm, basing our questions on the survey, recent news and industry trends. This is the only way to understand workplace culture and the effectiveness of that employer’s MOVE factors. We also examine the firm's website, search for pertinent articles, and review other sources of firm information. The interviews are vital for us to find context for the report and produce relevant company snapshots and scorecards.

Visit our Methodology & Fees page for a detailed breakout of fees.

The Accounting MOVE Project can produce a ‘super scorecard’ that draws in additional interviews, analysis and resources, including samples of best practices proven at other employers. For more information, please contact Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk at 

Scoring for the MOVE Best Lists includes a time-tested combination of quantitative measures of actual career success and qualitative measures of programs and best practices. We focus on incremental changes that demonstrate programs are actually working to advance women’s careers and reward firms who articulate and implement a business case for diversity that is strategically aligned with bottom-line profitability. Our proprietary process and scoring have been carefully reviewed and adjusted to maintain consistency and sound interpretation.

Yes. We do not release the names of participating firms publicly, nor any data from individual employers. Data submitted by all participants will be averaged, and then presented as a whole in the executive report. The confidential snapshot for each employer, showing its individual data as compared to the overall aggregate information, is released only to the employer. Those employers whose practices merit a place on the Best Firms for Women or Best Firms for Equity Leadership lists will be contacted prior to the release of that information so that we may confirm, clarify or correct quotes and facts attributed to your company.

If your firm's practices merit mention in the executive report, we will fact check these references with your contact person for accuracy before going to print. If your firm decided that it does not wish to be identified in the report, your organization's name will not be published. 

Our philosophy is to "celebrate in public, coach in private." We believe this is the best way to achieve our mission of equipping accounting firms with the information, advice and tools needed to advance women, people of color, and other under-represented groups for greater success.

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