Make plans to attend the Accounting MOVE Project’s Ask Me Anything webinar on March 22 via Zoom.

Learn the answers to these questions and ask your own during this interactive discussion.

  • What are my firm’s chances, really, of being named to the prestigious Accounting MOVE Project “Best CPA Firms for Women” annual list?
  • What types of initiatives should I focus on during my interview?
  • Why should my firm bother to participate in the Accounting MOVE Project if we already know that we are behind in advancing women?
  • How is the Accounting MOVE Project different from local ‘best places to work’ lists that seem like a sure shot for some positive messaging?
  • Other ‘best place to work’ programs are free. What do we get for the administrative fee for the MOVE Project?
  • Why don’t you release a list of all participating firms?
  • Nobody else requires interviews, why does MOVE?
  • Our firm doesn’t have a lot of programs but does have a good representation of women and diverse talent. How do we get recognized?

Email to register or click here to attend.

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